2019 BMW X5M

The 2019 BMW X5M exists as an upgrade of currently powerful crossover X5. Some purchasers will never get enough energy and torque, and the new X5M could change their mind. With small upgrades, the SUV will be able to add few more horses and pound-feet of torque. Aesthetically, the crossover is going to be basically the same as its predecessor. With extra features, owners can upgrade the SUV. This is making the 2019 X5M very flexible and capable for any type of buyers.

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2019 BMW X5M Engine and Specs

Under the hood of the 2019 BMW X5M will be the very same 4.4-liter twin-turbo drivetrain. This system benefits 567 hp in the existing version. However, the upcoming model will include 5-10 horses, and a similar quantity of torque. With the increase, the output must be around 560 pound-feet. Moreover, this will result in better efficiency. To start with, it can drop the time needed for sprint to 60 miles per hour. The variation for 2019 season will be probably more detailed to 3.5 seconds, than to 4 sec. Top speed remains the very same since the 2019 BMW X5M will be restricted to 155 mph.

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2019 BMW X5M Luxurious Styling

Besides the upgrade under the bonnet, the 2019 BMW X5M will also boost total appearance of the base model. Unique alloy wheels are 21-inchers on the base system, and upper trims bring 22-inch rims. The standard for this kind of vehicle are LED fog lights and xenon headlights. Inside we will see plenty of luxury and sophistication. The new BMW X5M also includes some advanced features that will enhance overall safety. Parking assist feature is going to make it simpler for the driver. Also, lane departure warning might get an upgrade to some kind of an auto-drive system.

New 2019 BMW X5M Tail Light High Resolution Picture

2019 BMW X5M Price

The elegant crossover has a suitable price. A 6-digit expense reveals what to get out of the SUV. The base model will bring the cost just above $100,000. Also, with the extra plan, the expense will be closer to $110,000. Likewise, that will be the beginning rate for its closest brother or sister BMW X6M. These two will share a lot of comparable features and devices.

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